Bien news. For Alexis. Ana liked Jeff M. and so did Alexis. Now Jeff and Alexis are going out! And I got to ask him out for her. My social life is whack though. Nothing’s ever going to happen. Emily thinks Mike H. and I make a cute couple. I remember when he stole my inhaler and broke my pig pen. He paid $5 for the pen. The point is he might have used to like me. Emily keeps bringing the entry for 10-8. I can’t like him though. We’re just friends.

I doubt anything’s going to happen at the Halloween Dance. It’ll probably end up like the last one, my crying all through the evening.

Ana is really upset that Alexis and Jeff are going together. She was crying at lunch. I’m so happy! She deserves it.

I'm ashamed by how awful I was. Girls can be so mean.

I really hate Daniele. I mean she’s nice and all, but ever since the last dance, I haven’t been friends w/ her. She said, “Hey, Jen it’s no fun if you’re not dancing!” I know she didn’t mean to be mean, but it made me cry harder (after the dance). How is she supposed to know what I feel like? She has every guy in the school around her little finger.

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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