Jennifer Heller Megalomaniac

I have been searching, searching, searching for the right name for this blog.

Historical Sidenote: From 2005 to 2008(?), this blog was hosted on blogger and called “Ought Never Be Daunted,” a reference to a scene in The Sun Also Rises where Jake is not as drunk as Brett is, but Brett urges Jake in those words that it’s not too late to catch up. How awesome is that?

Since I moved those posts over here and gave up all claim to anonymity, I have been calling this site “Jennifer Heller dot com,” knowing full well how lame it was, but at a loss for anything better.

These past few weeks I’ve been giving this site something of a face-life in my spare time, and I kept hoping to come up with a name for the site that would express its mission: Fun, Friends and Hilarity.

We toyed with “Jennifer Heller Fun Friends Hilarity.” But the glaring lack of punctuation was a non-starter.

And then yesterday, Sue pointed out that I am pretty much a megalomaniac. A megalomaniac!! I loved it! I couldn’t spell it but I loved it.

I looked it up, just in case I didn’t really understand what it meant. Which it turned out I didn’t. Merriam-Webster definies megalomania as:

1: a mania for great or grandiose performance
2: a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

Number two made me LOL. As did my new header graphic, which I’ll record again here in case it changes in the future:

Are there enough Jens in this graphic? Is it creepy??

So what do you think?  Is “Jennifer Heller Megalomaniac” not the perfect title for someone who spends her spare time betraying the secrets of her youth and planning extravagant birthday parties?  Isn’t any blogger something of a megalomaniac at heart?  Does it make you LOL??  And isn’t it really freaking hard to spell???

I need your feedback here, people. My mom hates it (SURPRISE!) and we need to convince her.

7 thoughts on “Jennifer Heller Megalomaniac

  1. If I HAD to choose between good name and best name ever…. I would definitely go with Best Name Ever. And that graphic is absolutely fabulous. I’m thinking logo for life.

  2. As a parent, I have always hoped my daughter would outgrow signs of megalomania. Not so in 30 years! The signs started in the womb. Somehow, Jennifer (unnamed at that point) , organized a company wide baby shower for herself. Her shy mother (me) – suspecting something was up – almost missed the event, and, in the process, kept 200 people waiting and away from the buffet table! Still, although Jennifer still shows symptoms of megalomania, I know she has a good heart and is why I resist her proclaiming herself a megalomaniac.

  3. Well, since we are discussing manias and ruling out hypomania (I have been busy looking up all these words with google), I think it unfair for Jennifer to characterize herself as any kind of mania. She is after all a fully functioning adult. I would and have always characterized her as a Leo. A Leo quite often insists on celebrating his or her birthday every year by inviting the whole world. Fortunately for Jennifer, she must have some other mitigating influences in her astrological chart. One wonders really how a Leo survives. All you Leos out there, please do not take offense. I am not an astrologer, and I also know that Gayle, another wonderful Leo, is also a fully functioning adult.

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