When are you too old to write on your hand?

The other day after I may or may not have had a cocktail or two, I had a brilliant idea for a blog entry and I wrote it on my hand.

The next morning I discovered that I had inadvertently lost my notes in a fit of handwashing or some such.

Why I didn't just email it to myself as I often do, I have no idea.

I wrecked my brain trying to remember, but no luck. I was bummed because I remembered it being a pretty good blog idea.

Fast forward a couple hours and I’m going through my new photos from my camera and boom:


All of a sudden I remember everything. The excellent idea, finding a pen, scribbling it on my hand. And once done, thinking it was so hilarious that I wrote on my hand like a twelve-year-old that I photographed that very action for a separate blog.

And this is why you visit, is it not? For silly, silly inebriated thoughts captured later with a hint of scorn.

Whatchu think?

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