Jenfest 2011: The Souvenirs

Every year I have a Jenfest souvenir.  Some years they don’t look much like something you would want to keep (like the personalized JENGO cards from last year) or the autographed photo of my silly headshot from 2003. But some of them are pretty awesome like the Jentrification bottle caps from 2008 or the match books from 2007.

This year I had thrown in the towel on the Jenfest souvenir tradition.  I just didn’t have any inspiration.  Thankfully, my friend Corrie did.  She said that bar hops are really fun when people all have matching mardi gras beads.

Fun!!  A google search found me extra plastic discs that I could personalize and attach.  Under budget and a fun souvenir!

As usual when Jenfest is concerned I got a little crazy-eyed and probably made too many. Oooh well.

My sister Alexandra helped me create the souvenirs until late last night. She also learned how to spell the word souvenir along the way.

Join us tonight at Jenfest 2011 The Bad Hair North Oakland Romp and take one home!!  Or just see me sometime in the next ten years and get an extra.  You can pick up one of the 2009 beer cap magnets while you’re at it.

When did you learn to spell the word souvenir?

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