The Story of My Four Deodorants

Awhile ago my deodorant ran out. I reluctantly purchased a new deodorant (when did they get so expensive??).  That’s how I wound up with one deodorant again.

About a week later I went down to Bakersfield with my friend Mike to go to one of our college friend Laura’s amazing parties. It rocked, but I forgot my new deodorant.

Luckily, we stopped a TJs along the way and I picked up another one. That’s how I came to have two deodorants.

A few weeks later we left for Europe, and again I forgot my deodorant!! What is it with me and forgetting my deodorant?? I finally broke down and bought some in a Schlecker in Berlin after borrowing my hosts’ deodorant for a few days*. Now I owned a total of three different deodorants!

Fast forward a couple weeks and we’re back in the States and I’m visiting my parents before my great friend Christy’s baby shower back home in Ptown. My mom offers me this fantastic deodorant that probably cost more than some pairs of shoes I have. How could I turn it down??

Now armed with four different deodorants I can have one in my car, one in my purse, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom! And I didn’t forget deodorant when I visited Colorado the other weekend. Otherwise this would be the story of my five deodorants**.

*Is that gross? Yes or No? Tell me in the comments! I need to know!
**Good story? Best story ever? If nothing else, by sharing it with you I learned how to spell deodorant.  I keep wanting to stick an extra ‘e’ or ‘a’ in there.

But how did I get to 4??

3 thoughts on “The Story of My Four Deodorants

  1. *maybe a little gross but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! ** I like the story, however it would have been far more interesting if there were 5 deodorants 😉

  2. I’ve found baking soda w/o aluminum is a cheap and effective solution. I keep my baking soda in the sponge bob tupperware. I’ve found that even “natural” baking sodas are chock-full of chemicals that I prefer not to put in my body.

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