I hate Andy. He used me. He deliberately led me to believe he liked me.

I hate Andy. He used me. He deliberately led me to believe he liked me. I mean what about that day in Art, when Amanda said he liked me. And all those days ever since when Steve has asked me if I liked Andy. Andy probably hired them to mislead me. I really thought he liked me. I almost liked him. I have no proof that he ever liked me, but really. Two reasons were alot. The reasons are mentioned above. Now Andy goes and likes Amy. I swear! Really! Damn him. I will never let anyone read this diary again.

Fuck Becky. You know she told me her mom would be back by early Sunday night, and that her mom would take us to see Jurassic Park that night. So I called her to ask if she could go.


“Becky?” I asked

“Yeah” she said

“You want to go see Jurassic Park tonight”

“Hold on, Okay I’m back”

“So, can you? Cuz if you do your mom has to take us.”

“My mom’s on the plane right now! What do you want her to do, jump off and walk here?” Becky had blown up.

“You said your mom would be home by now”

“She isn’t” (nastily)

“Yeah, Dad? I have to go.”

I faked getting off the phone. Becky had had a mayor moo-moo. I mean really. Talk about PMS! So know I’m fighting with her and the first two days of summer were boring. These are the guys that MIGHT like me and a very good reason why.

Guy                  Reason

1. Andrew       Alyssia said so/always looking at me in block
2. Andy          Amanda said so/Steve asking me if I liked him
3. Scott          My intuition
4. Michael       Always stealing my stuff/paid me $5 for a pen he broke of mine/intuition

Now I’m going to rate the guys and put reason for their rating.

1. Andrew: 7 ½ : Nice, a little cute, funny
2. Andy: 8 ¾: Pretty nice, a little cute, very funny
3. Scott: 6 ¾: Nice, a tiny bit cute
4. Michael: 7 ½: Nice, a bit cute, amusing

That’s about it. Bye!

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