Let’s Hitch Our Wagons to this Star

The Guster was really, really great in our movie Hanging with the Gus Man. What? You haven’t seen it?? Watch it now; you won’t be sorry. Seen it? Watch it again! It’s so brilliant*.

He popped up right when we needed him too. A little bit of cat treat on my fingers was all I needed to get him to approach at just the right moment.

All in all, it was an amazing filming experience.

So, I said to Will the other day, “Let’s hitch our wagons to this star. We’ll become cat handlers, move to LA. Get Gus an agent. It’s our destiny.”

Check out this awesome headshot!

We spent a few minutes reflecting on how much we hate LA…that put a thorn in the side of our enthusiasm. Then we remembered that Gus freaks out whenever he’s anywhere new…and that wouldn’t be good for movie sets. He also relieves himself whenever he’s in a car, no matter how recently he’s relieved himself before. Sometimes it’s number one and number two**!

And so our future as cat handlers was short-lived. It is a pity, though, that Gus’ fantastic abilities are limited to the few movies we’ve made of him. I hope the world can forgive me. At least I blog about him a lot.

*If I do say so myself.

What could be wrong with this idea?

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