Silly Zoo Thoughts

It is a rare moment when my main man the Guster isn’t close to mind.  He was close to mind yesterday as we wandered throughout the Oakland Zoo.  I was entranced.  Apparently–and I blame my parents– I had never been to a zoo.  Perhaps my memory fails, but I embraced the zoo with a child-like glee.  Maybe it was actually taking a full day off of work.

I thought I would have been saddened to see these animals in captivity, but instead they struck me as having a pretty good life.  I understand they’re not as active as they would be in the wild, but they’re safe and many appeared to be having a really great time.  Especially those Squirrel Monkeys.  I’d really love to be a Squirrel Monkey.

I also pondered what animals my animals, the Guster and our roommate Shawn, would want to be if they were another animal.

Guster likes to lay around and wishes he could eat all day.

He wishes he were a tortoise...slowly moving through the world and munching at every turn.

Shawn, on the other hand, eats quickly and lives to play.

He's pretty happy being a cat, it must be said. But if he was going to be anything else, he'd be a Lemur, playing all day in the sun.

What kind of animal would you be?  What kind would your cat be?

Guess what kind of animal he wishes he was?

2 thoughts on “Silly Zoo Thoughts

  1. My dog likes to follow me around, and she likes to lie in the sun and take long naps. She likes to eat kale and broccoli. She’d like to be a tapir.

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