Magic Eye

Do you remember those Magic Eye books that were all the rage in the 90’s? Do you still have one on a shelf somewhere?

I stumbled on one yesterday at my chiropractor’s office. I had to read the directions again to make it work. It sure does work!!  Those fish were swimming all over the place and in front of and behind plants!  It was crazy.

One might be able to say that the modern day Magic Eye are these new-fangled 3D televisions they’re making now. Can we say, “planned obsolescence”? It makes the earth-loving part of me so mad. Everyone who just went out and bought a brand new flat screen to hang on their wall is going to dump those to get a new 3D television.

The part that makes me the maddest is that we (humanity) make all of these things and have no plan for how to get rid of them! Cell phones, Priuses, televisions, cell phones, plastic everything…none of these have a earth-friendly way of disposal!

Well, that’s my rant on that one, but it’s not really the point of this post. The point of this post is the cover.

Check out the credits.  “3D Illusions by N.E.Thing Enterprises.”

I busted out laughing.  I don’t blame them for the name–it’s pretty funny.  But putting it on  your book cover?  Hey book-buyers!  We will do ANYTHING for money!

And that they did. This book was on its fifteenth production run two years after its release.  Damn, N.E.Thing Enterprises.  You go, whatever it is you do, and who ever you are.

Speak up peeps.

2 thoughts on “Magic Eye

  1. Does that say “BOOBS” in 3D? Anyway, my point about obsolete waste is satellite dishes. Do you remember those big giant ones they used to have before DirecTV? In more rural areas they are just littering the landscape because it costs too much to truck them out. And I’m sure there are lots of houses with more than one dish because the previous resident left theirs.

  2. Oh man. That’s depressing! 🙁

    Someday maybe I’ll turn some of this crap into an art project that hopefully is an improvement on the crap. Ha!

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