Holiday Special in January??

I spent some time last night checking out the prices of retail spaces along Broadway Auto Row. I have a dream of renting one of the empty auto dealerships…

While looking I stumbled on a Craigslist post for an office building titled, “WE’RE HAVING A HOLIDAY SPECIAL DEAL! OFFICES FOR RENT IN CHEAPER PRICE.”

Well, we all know that postings all in caps sell better, so that was definitely a good choice. You have to shout to get our attention! It’s not enough that you’re offering a holiday special in mid-January.  I don’t know if that’s a marketing mistake or just plain negligence.

Thankfully the post body was not in all caps.  Score one property management company.

I found their choice of selling points hilarious and bewildering.

:::: It is approximately 200 square feet
:::: With tile floors and huge windows
:::: This suite has 2 doors. The outside door is gated and the inside door is wooden
:::: If you’re planning on using this space for business, it’s perfect for your customers. There are public transportations on almost every single corner, which makes it very convenient for your customers who travel from public transportations. Highway 880 is also only a couple of blocks away.
:::: Renting this suite as a personal office? There are cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, even office supplies stores and banks located just around the corner!

Especially that bit about the two doors. That’s just what I was looking for in an office!

If you read on, you discover that the office is quite a bargain–on sale for $250 from $350.

And then you see why they need to offer it at such a low price. It’s tiny. And the photos make it painfully obvious that if you rent this office, you will have space for a vacuum, a desk and you. That’s it.

Our offices are good for hula hooping.

Rent this office and you will have room for a vacuum.

Yes! Showcase a table with a pile of crap on top! That screams professional office space to prospective renters.

If you have a small space and need to attract a renter, you have one of two options. Empty it completely (it will look bigger that way). Or, fill it with classy, small furniture. Dress it up the way your ideal tenant will want it. You can even rent it for more furnished if they want to.

It’s like this person has never been to an open house. The same principle applies here: you want the person looking to start envisioning living in that house, or, in this case, working in the office. The crap everywhere detracts from the gorgeous light and makes the office seem even smaller.

And I’d recommend changing the name of the sale to “New Year Special.” Add in some language about starting the new year strong with an accessible new office close to cafes and shopping! Or just hire me to consult on your sales strategy. You’ll never have to offer a holiday special in January again.

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