I had this idea a couple years ago when Evite first started getting annoying. Is it still annoying? I haven’t used it in years but I remember it being exceedingly frustrating to use.

My idea was for an event invitation site called Enter your event details and guest list (no need for email addresses!) and POOF! ESPVITE would invite your guests via ESP.

ESP, or extrasensory perception, you remember, is the act of receiving information not through physical senses but through your mind.

Guests receive the invitation in their mind, and then ESPSVP (RSVP via ESP). ESPVITE delivers the ESPSVPs back to you, the event organizer, via ESP.

It was sure to be a money-maker. Something kept me from buying the domain name, however, despite my extreme addiction to buying domain names.

What do you think?

Speak up peeps.

2 thoughts on “ESPVITE

  1. You could have taken this to a new level and eventually been acquired by Google. When you get a chance, let’s talk and I can explain where you went wrong. You might still have a chance to turn this into a killerapp.

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