The Days of Our Lives Drinking Game

I’ve had Days of Our Lives on the brain all morning, partly because I posted Alice Horton’s Famous Donut recipe yesterday, and partly because I couldn’t sleep last night and finally resorted to letting the Days storyline do the trick.

That’s one of the nice things about soap operas; you don’t worry about missing an episode, or falling asleep in the middle. And it moves slowly enough that it will actually put you to sleep.

I’m having some of my fellow die-hard Days of Our Lives fans over tomorrow night, and we are going to try our hand at making Alice’s famous donuts.

And, much to my boyfriend’s possible future dismay, we may decide to play the Days of Our Lives Drinking Game.

Nowadays Brady Black is back on the sauce. Even first thing in the morning. I love evil Brady.

We started playing the Days of Our Lives Drinking Game in college. Back then we had the rules written on a piece of paper on the wall of our co-op living room.

The drinking game has hilarious rules, like drink whenever anyone on the show drinks (booze, that is), and drink whenever a character stares off into space for at least two seconds. Try it. It’s fun.

It’s also got a lot of character-specific rules: take two drinks whenever Sami lies or whenever John Black raises one eyebrow and says, “That’s a fact.”

After two characters make love, they sit and talk in bed. Without fail, the girl's boobs are covered, and the guys abs aren't. This is called "boobs not abs" and it's worth two drinks.

Days of Our Lives has a religious bent, and one of the hilarious consequences is that most of the time it’s the more nefarious characters that enjoy the sauce. Many of the characters of upstanding moral character are actually ex-alcoholics, and Days likes to put them through the wringer and show them next to a bottle of booze, trying desperately not to drink it. That should be two drinks.

Three drinks every time there’s an explosion or when someone wakes up from a coma. We even have meta-rules: take a drink every time some says “Lumi” in real life or reflects on how they are meant to be.

These rules are recorded in the Jennifer Heller Wiki (did you know that I had a wiki???). Check them out, add your own, and join the fun. Days is on hulu now, so you have no excuse.


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