Quick and Easy Gift Tags

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite activities.

I went to my boyfriend’s Christmas last year for the first time ever, and noticed that the tradition in his family is unadorned, simple wrapping jobs–not the masterpieces of curling ribbon and contrasting wrapping papers of my parents’ Christmas.

This year I weighed my options: simplify my wrapping to fit in, or own my family’s tradition. It was an easy choice.

While wrapping I ran into the problem of needing gift tags. I considered various options, and decided to take the easiest route: fold a piece of wrapping paper in half, and write the message inside. Not only is it quick and easy and cheap, but it’s a great way to use the little bits that you wind up throwing away.

Use the same wrapping paper you wrapped the present in to accentuate the shape of the package and the bow, or use a contrasting color to liven up a plain looking package.

I like to go crazy and cut out shapes from other papers. The other side of many papers is white–perfect for bits of snow (that would be super crazy) or the poof of a Santa Hat. Try simple shapes — a circle for an ornament, a triangle for a Santa hat or Christmas tree, a box for a present. Don’t stop there– try many shapes for a totally abstract gift tag–holiday colors communicate “holiday” no matter what.

I use a metallic pen like the Pen-touch Calligraphy Pen to add quick details. Add a quick note in blue or black ink inside and you’re done!

This candycane on blue pops on a red and white striped present.

The same shiney paper gives this present and gift tag a unified look.

A little blue triangle and white puff ball creates an abstract Santa hat that pops on a solid blue present.

P.S. Soap operas are a great accompaniment to wrapping presents. I imagine NPR also is. We all have our preferences!


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