Halloween Karaoke Idea

Sing Chicago’s Hard Habit to Break to a dancing pack of cigarettes.  I bet I could sucker Will into dressing in a cardboard box (if I decorate it)…  If only I could sing, I might place in the top ten.  Regardless, it could be quite a performance!

Cigarettes, as I’m sure you know, are more addictive than heroin.  Why are they legal, US Government, when marijuana–with accepted medical practices and no chemical action in the brain stem (where the worst addiction mechanisms take place!)–is persecuted?  I look forward to your comments.

In related news, 14-year-old-me had her television (named “Howard”) and the accompanying remote control (named “Bob”) taken away by her parents as a punishment for her ignoring the “No Eating in Your Room” rule.  14-year-old-me sang this song day in and day out as she mourned the loss of Bob, Howard and her favorite shows on Nick and Nite.  I’m sure we are bound to learn more about this in the next few years of diary entries.

Post image stolen from the Jenfest 2007 invite.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Karaoke Idea

  1. I think you guys should make it duet, and also you should dress as either the marlboro cowboy, james dean with leather jacket and hairdo, or ideally a camel mask.

  2. Will made it clear that he wouldn’t dress up as a pack of cigarettes. Hopefully he’ll be more into one of these options!

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