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4 thoughts on “I asked mom if I could shave today. Mom thought it was funny.

  1. I wanted to shave as well when I was the the age you were in 1992. Your grandmother told me that if I shaved the hair on my legs, it would grow back dark and I would have to shave my legs for the rest of my life!!! I waited many years in fear. Fortunately when I actually grew brave or disgusted enough and tried it, the hair on my legs grew back the same blond color! Thus is the magic of genetics which in this case was on my side. However even though it is not as obvious that I have neglected to shave, I still am aware of it when I don’t. This, I believe, was this down side of reading Seventeen which when I was young was the magazine for all preteens to read. It made me even more self conscious.

  2. I remember in High School I had a good friend who didn’t shave. She was the talk of the school! Youngsters need more interesting things to talk and think about.

  3. i also asked my mom to teach me to shave when in 6th grade they announced in PE that you had to wear shorts. my mom said no so the first day i spent the whole time scared people would see my hairy legs. but then my mom had pity on me and i had shaven legs for the 2nd day.

  4. Awwww! That’s so nice of your mom. It is awfully silly for a 12-year-old to shave. But back then I was contemplating make up and periods, so I guess it’s all part of growing up.

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