Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

0 thoughts on “Dad will not tell me what

  1. i love that you required not only one, but two new brushes. oh, and hairspray! you must have had excellent hair that year.

  2. @becca–I certainly did NOT have good hair that year. It was unruly, and I hadn’t accepted that I just have to have curls 🙂
    @BoAe–I don’t know! Isn’t hat a bummer? Does Loma not wear deodorant? I was super self-conscious so anything I could do to snag me a bf, I did!

  3. Ha! Well, I’m still a hippie at heart (after all that smack talk) and I think I already told her deodorant is poison. And, we are low on the B-O-meter. Besides, I eat raw garlic so if a person can’t handle that, they can’t be within 30 feet of me or my child.

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