let's put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old life

I’ve been going through my blog for a couple months now…adding photos, fixing the links. Trying to figure out where the line is between appropriate and inappropriate. In my dreams I actively promote this website. My dreams are fun. Most of the time.

I had a dream of working for myself. Doing what I wanted with my time. When I left my job, I was so excited. I felt like rest of my life was just beginning.

Well, here I am. I work for myself. On rainy days it’s hard to even leave the house. It’s a very solitary existence. I didn’t really think about that, and it’s taken me months to notice. This week, though, with the rain and the constant sirens (Californians can’t handle driving in the rain)…

I’m confronted with my very extrovert nature. I like people. I need people. I get my energy from them, my enthusiasm, my inspiration.

My dream was never lonely. My dream was pure fun.

Even all my creative projects don’t seem fun anymore, without people. It all seems like work. It all seems like sitting here, all by myself, with just my computer and my google chat.

This is it. It’s the end. From now on, no more lonesome old life. Time to figure something out that will work. I’ll meet people at cafes and have work buddies. I’ll plan walk around the lake lunches with my other self-employed friends.

And that’s a plan.

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