The Matt and Anna Blues

Chorus (Jen & Will)
I got the Matt and Anna
I got the Matt and Anna Blues
I came to their wedding
and I couldn’t bring booze

Verse 1 (Will)
On the day Matt was born
The locals did see
A huge, glowing durian
Rising out of the sea


Verse 2 (Jen)

Now I’m a big boozer
But today I broke through
Had to stay clean and sober
Till a quarter past two


Verse 3 (Jordan)

Let’s talk about Anna
Now, you know she all dat
She’s surprisingly normal
Though she’s marrying Matt


Verse 4 (Will)

Now our old boy Matt
He is a fruitarian
But that wasn’t enough
To keep him from marrin’


Verse 5 (Jordan)
Said I was the preacher
New Age-y-est by far
But after this ceremony
I’m raising the bar!


Verse 6 (Will)

Anna met the Queen once
over in the UK
Saved her from ninjas
Thus making her day


Verse 7 (Jen)
Matt’s favorite fruit
It is the banana
Only thing he likes more
Is his new wife Anna


Written by Will Roby and Jordan Pelot-Whitcomb
Performed at Matt and Anna’s Wedding on Sunday, August 17th, 2009, by Jennifer Heller, Will Roby and Jordan Pelot-Whitcomb
Surprisingly fantastic harmonica accompaniment by Jordan Pelot-Whitcomb


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