the breakups of 2007

1. The landscape architect. We went out a couple times in September. I thought it was going great, but he opted just never to call back. Until 2008. I almost want to write back “Sorry buddy. that shit sailed.”

2. The HGPD. I wasn’t into it. After much deliberation and a half done blog entry entitled “to break up or not to break up: Over email?”, I decided to go ahead and take the virtual plunge. “Sorry,” I said, “but I’m going to try to work things out with my ex.” Of course I used the sandwich method in which you sandwich the bad news between two nice things. It was met with an eventual friendly text message, so I feel like it wasn’t such a bad way to go after all. Until later when he emailed and said that he was disappointed in me for breaking up over text message. That part was pretty painful.

3. The Ex(es). Good terms, I’m sure. I think I’ve learned not to go there anymore. Too much history, no point in delving all that shit up all the damn time. For serious, yo.

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