I'm boring lately, huh?

So the Guster now sleeps on my bed the entire night. We’ve figured out a way for me not to kick him and yet have enough room.

Apparently, he used to sleep with my sister. Apparently, she was also subject to his requisit morning make out.

Every morning, as soon as I’m awake–and I’m saying, “as soon as I’m awake”, meaning, not only when my alarm clock rings but as soon as I open my eyes after seven–he perks up. Perks up and then there he is, purr purr purr, and in my face. “Good morning, Guster,” I say.

Purr purr purr purr NUZZLE. And his nose is now somehow inside my nose. His whiskers brushing my cheeks.

Now I am not awake yet. I’m far from it. This morning it was seven thirty! (Not my wake up time, suckas! I go to work at ten. Most days.) I said, “Guster, it’s not make out time yet” and I pulled the covers over me. He took the hint.

Until my alarm clock range. And this time I, too, was feeling amorous. Ooooh Guster. Let me nuzzle you back. Ooohh you little sweetness. Yes, what a pretty day. Look at those clouds. (I can see clouds out my bedroom window!! My new place is saw-eet!)

I know he drools when he’s especially loving. I know this from experience. And this morning, he drooled in my nose. Grosser than on my pillow, grosser then on my cheek (though those are both pretty gross). IN MY NOSE.


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