for the last two and a half weeks,

I haven’t had a working refridgerator.

Last time I moved, it took awhile to get a working refridgerator too. Turned out the previous tenants had turned the fridge off to listen to classical music. No joke.

This time the fan was broken.

Now, I like food. I spent the last year living off of a diet of primarily sausages and steamed vegetables. I’ve since developed a sincere aversion to sausages. Anything but!

I find that two to three cups of greens a day (steamed or otherwise) keeps me going. Any less and the alkaline level in my blood stream drops low and I smoke packs of cigarettes to compensate.

The point: Moving coupled with no fridge coupled with hella work coupled with god knows what else and I’ve been a wreck.

We’re all moved in though, and I had my three cups today.

I feel better.

Speak up peeps.

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