I've been laid up for a week,

and I mean “laid up” in the most dramatic sense…And what a relief that is! Not to have to fake it anymore. What a gift the universe had bestowed…a copy of Justin Timberlake’s latest and intense perpetual back pain!

I avoided everything for the week or so. I could only minimally work (my top priority), and most of what I did was from the comfort of my bed. I couldn’t avoid my many meetings, but I did manager to remain horizontal for the length of one. Until I almost fell asleep.

Today it was referenced–to the Board of Directors–that I would keep my job for long after five years had passed. I raised my arms as if in shackles.

And with that sentence, I realize I need a live journal.

My chiropractor asked me today if I was happy. I found the question awfully surprising.
Lately I’ve taken to being honest with those health professionals whose services I solicit. I used to lie. Today I wrote down the honest .25 packs of cigarettes a day on the questionnaire.

I avoided it. “I’ve been stressed out, lately.”

I’m still surprised hours later. This chiropractor has the face of one of my least favorite father figures in my life (nameless here). He isn’t creepy though, and he isn’t mean. He called me after my appointment to check on me. How sweet is that?

And where was I going?

My Christmas gifts shall be belts and ties.

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