and I mean sigh.

Some days, the world confronts you. (Previously mentioned, admittedly.)

I can’t explain–nor do I want to explain. As per usual.

One loosens the ducts…moves the log, or whatever…broaches some subject. It’s over. And the effects can be disastrous.

Or everything can be alright.

A classmate shared with me about the death of a family friend. She learned of the death on a Friday afternoon, but her and her husband were intending to go out that night. The death was of his best friend.

They went out anyway, as upset that they were. And when people asked how they were, they told them, straight up. “Well, we received some bad news…” And the story.

It was surprising, she noted, to see strangers and friends open and empathize–to share similar experiences. It was reassuring.

My interpretation: Life’s okay. Just the way it is. But regardless, sometimes you don’t see it coming.

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