Susie J's life lessons June 15, 2006

1. Sometimes laptops are just lemons. If you’re blessed, however, with a working laptop, and wish to use it in bed but can’t stand that little touch screen, you’re going to need one of those old school stationary mice with the exposed rotating ball.

2. May is a bad month to acquire cilantro and parsley plants. They go immediately to seed and are utterly useless.

3. Corresponding by MySpace alone does little to maintain a friendship.

4. A good raw vegan chocolate shake can be better than the best milkshake. Seriously.

5. Virgos go nuts during Cancer. And Gemini is always a challenge.

6. One pair of scissors just doesn’t cut it. By my calculation, you need at least four: one for paper, another for fabric, a heavy-duty pair for those big jobs (like cutting through all that packaging on your new rechargable batteries), and garden shears for fresh rosemary. Optional is a pair of portable nippers–very convenient for when one knits and sews. Keep a pair in your knitting basket.

7. You’re never too young to invest in life insurance. My sister is now blessed with $25,000 upon my accidental death. Unless, of course, I fail the saliva test–in which case they’ll refund the yearly fee for my tobacco-free life insurance policy.

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