News and Notes on the Alameda County Fair*

Food at the Fair

CRAZY ITALIAN–A little bit of Rome has been brought home to Pleasanton. This booth near the Park Place Stage has pizza, pasta, meatballs, sausage, and cold beverages. And while the Colosseum wasn’t built in a day, these fresh Italian delights will be ready in moments. So pop in your Berlitz tapes, whip out your travel guide, and say high to my little friend, the Crazy Italian.

ORIENTAL CUSINE EXPRESS–Our world travels continue as we journey by train to the Orient. Plates of hot, delicious Chinese food that would make Hurcule Poirot’s mouth water await those with the sleuthing abilitying ability to find their way to the Green Gate. While you don’t have to be “On The Nile” or “Under The Sun” to enjoy these Far East treats, you will want to get there before the final “Curtain.”

MACKINAC ISLAND FUDGE–To paraphrase Sammy Hagar in his Montrose days: “It’s fudge candy, baby / It’s hot, sweet, and yummy…” Whether you like to rock out or prefer it on the mellower side, the fudge at these booths in the Hall of Commerce and the Green Gate area will be music to your tastebuds.

*This is the only literature provided to me as a vendor, besides the entirely inadequate Tri-Valley Times.

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