I’m Afraid of DT, Nuclear Bombs and the Fate of Our Planet

Shit’s gotten both super real and totally bat-shit insane lately. It’s hard to even watch late night TV (nevermind the news) because everything is so terrifying.

My therapist introduced me to The Work of Byron Katie, and I’ve posted about it before. I love the way she uses worksheets to help you systematically turn around the thoughts that are causing you grief. I regularly turn to her One-Believe-at-a-Time Worksheet to tackle feelings and beliefs that I just can’t shake.

If, like me, you’re freaking out right now, I recommend watching this video. I found it both entertaining and lightening.

I also recommend sunshine, exercise, ice cream and kitten videos in case you need more support (and who could blame you).

The Wheels on the Bus Extender Pack

We recently returned from our first vacation with the baby. The baby unlocked all sorts of badges like Baby’s First Camping Trip, Baby’s First Foot in the Ocean, Baby’s First Foot in the River and Baby’s First Road Trip.

We also got to unlock a couple exciting badges such as 100 Times Singing that Monkey on the Bed Song and Longest Ever Rendition of the Wheels on the Bus.

Knowing that I can’t be the first parent with a little one who hollers unless you keep singing, I thought I’d share our extended version of the Wheels on the Bus song.

Start with the tried and true…

The wheels on the bus go round and round, Continue Reading

The Many Changes of Parenthood: In Graphs

Whoever said…

The more things change the more they stay the same.

…has definitely NEVER had a baby. Quinn turns six months old tomorrow. I can’t believe how little time has passed; it feels like an eternity. There have been some marked changes in my life since he joined us. I felt like these would be best represented in graphs:

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The People Inside My Head

Since Quinn was born, I can go from zero (not stressed) to sixty (“HOLY SHIT HE’S GOING TO GET KIDNAPPED”) pretty much instantly.

Instead of letting my crazy thoughts take control, I have decided to name the different personalities in my head.

That way when I think, “OMG Will’s changing Quinn. Is he going to fall off the changing table?! Did he buckle him in? I hope he buckled him in…”, I know that that’s just Worried Wilma taking control of my brain. Oh hello there, Worried Wilma. Thanks for your input. Let’s move on.

Here are the characters in my head: Continue Reading

On Childbirth & the Reinvention of Self

When I turn my reflexion on myself, I never can perceive this self without some one or more perceptions; nor can I ever perceive any thing but the perceptions. ‘Tis the composition of these, therefore, which forms the self.

– David Hume: Second Thoughts

For the majority of last year, I was creating a tiny human.

An amazing CGI rendition of what happened inside of me…
These twelve minutes stretched over 40 weeks…

While I was in it, I don’t think I realized how much it was taking from me. I had physical symptoms that reminded me that the bulk of the good nutrition I took in was going straight to the baby, but I didn’t really notice that I didn’t have my usual oomph in regards to creative pursuits.

I just pressed on… creating that tiny human… and working at light speed to try to transition to my new business model… Continue Reading