Jennifer Sue Heller

Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 03, 1981
Relationship Status: It's Complicated TM
Location: Oakland, California, United States
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Member Since: Jul 2003
Hometown: Ptown
Schools: Foothill High, Attended 1995 - 1999, Class of 1999
College/University: University of California - Berkeley, Attended 1999 - 2004, Class of 2004, Bachelor's Degree,
Occupation: traveling sponge salesman & real estate investor
What I enjoy doing: communicating with my inner CEO, real estate investing, dodging republicans, line dancing, riding mechanical bulls, cooking, cleaning, shoe repair, whiskey, quadratic equations, inequalities, functions, rational expressions, third degree polynomials, hating peacocks, PVA sponges, PVA mops, telescopic handles, absorbent materials, picking up every speck of dirt, dust, grime, pet hair, human hair and having it collect on the outside to be easily washed off with a stream of hot water
Favorite Books: who has time to read? I BUY HOUSES!! NO BANKS INVOLVED!! Specializing in win/win financing! Sell your house today and make money for many tomorrows! Do you need a sponge? These are made of a new kind of sponge material. It's called poly vinyl acohol, and it's the most absorbent material around.
Favorite Movies: who has time to watch movies? I SELL HOUSES!! NO BANKS INVOLVED!! I specialize in Win/Win financing! Little or no money down, affordable payments! If you buy a set of sponges now, we'll throw in a new gift - a towel made of the same absorbent material! Try a hot one on your face, it feels amazing.
Favorite Music: who has time for music when there's so many wonderful self-help series that my aunt wants me to listen to? My favorites: Tony Robbins Get the Edge (especially the goal setting workshop on disc three - it'll change your life), the 11th Element (you really need to discover how getting into communication with your inner CEO can help you! They have access to the invisible network and thus infinite resources the likes of which your conscious mind cannot begin to comprehend), PsychoCybernetics: A Mind Technology for Living Your Life without Limits
Favorite TV Shows: Days of Our Lives
About Me: I would update my profile but it's so damn funny. In algebraic terms, I'm a leo, dramatic and strong willed, yet fragile, like a flower petal. Like a flower petal, if the flower petal squared minus twelve times the lion's roar equals the cube root of my fagility multiplied by twelve times my drama. And, like many of us...I'm just trying to get by in this cold hard post-college existence. What am I really doing? Who am I really? Questions like this permeate my entire existence, keeping me from actually applying myself to this passive income scheme my aunt naively believes could actually work. Seriously, the time to make money in real estate was fifteen years ago. You know those signs on the side of the road that say "I buy houses"? yeah, well, I need to make one of those signs. and what's going to make my sign stand apart from the others? It'll be flourescent! oh wait, I've seen flourescent "I buy houses" signs. Well... maybe we can take this as a metaphor for life. But if you're ever looking to sell, remember your friendsters... ...and for all your cleaning needs, I can now get you and your family great deals on PVA sponges and mops. They last for years - they're machine washable - I even bleach mine. check out my blog at it's funny. or at least, I think it is.

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