I’ve never really had to make conversation alone with a guy. On the Ferris wheel will be a first.

Today Emily invited everyone to the fair. Dave can probably come. No turning back now. I really hope it works out between Dave and I. I really, really do. I like him now. At least, I think I do. From what everyone keeps telling me about him he sounds sweet. Natalie says he’s really sweet, really nice, and really funny. Which means I might have to do a lot of laughing. And I hate my laugh. Oh, well. I also hate my smile. Oh, well. This diary is too small. It’s annoying! Oh, well. This is getting repetetive, huh? Oh well. Just joking. I’m really nervous about making conversation for that long. The whole day! Oh, well! Ha, ha! Maybe he’ll be really easy to talk to. Maybe it’ll be impossible to run out of things to say. I hope, I pray! I’ve never really had to make conversation alone with a guy. On the Ferris wheel will be a first. There always is other people around whenever I talk to a guy. It may be just a conversation between me + him but there were people around. It’s just going to be me + him with no one I can turn to for help. I just choose my divine blueprint. Emily says that Jeff really liked me. I feel bad about making Wes up. But it was the only way I could get out of saying no to him. I knew he would have asked me out sooner or later. I’m sorry Jeff, but I couldn’t face you. I’m also sorry we all treated you so bad, all year. We didn’t mean half the stuff we said. In fact, we didn’t mean all of the stuff we said. I really am sorry.

Back 2 my crisis that’s happening right now! I really want 2 go out with Dave. I swear, I’m about 2 ask him out! I’m ready 2 call him up and ask him out. I wish Monday would come so I could get it over with. Despite what Emily says, what Natalie says, I don’t really see how he’ll ask me out on the ferris wheel! Unless he falls desperately in love with me as soon as he sees me on Monday! But what are the chances of that happening? Very slim! So, I’ll just have to let Emily and Natalie (the masters–yeah, right! J.K.) do their work! People say that it is always darkest before the dawn. My romance life has been really dark I hope Dave and Mon are the dawn!

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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