Goodbye 3809 Shafter

Goodbye long bedridden gazes at the rooftops out our bedroom window…

Goodbye late night back porch chats with Kelly, Jeremy and Ila. So long happy baby noises and mimed conversations through our kitchen windows.

Never again will I watch the sun set while washing dishes or hunt for dinner in our walk-in pantry.

I will never come home again to the Guster glaring impatiently through the front door…

…or spend my days lazily working in the living room office while he campaigns for dinner.

Thank you happy memories of roommate situations that rocked, like bidding Julia goodbye or coming home welcomed by Ellen and Marca.

Thank you friends and family for sharing the space with laughter, cocktails and cooking over the long four and a half years.

And thank you, Universe, for conspiring to find us the perfect next apartment. As bittersweet as it is to leave, it’s well worth it to come home.

Speak up peeps.

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