Where does my brain end and do I begin?

Quinn will be nine months old in two weeks.

I have never loved anything so much as I love this baby. I thought for sure that when he came home from the hospital, I would have gained a third child, a sibling in my affection to our existing two cat children.

Nope. From the moment he was born, I had one kid and two cats.

Parenthood is hard.

I knew it would be hard, but, damn, it is hard. It’s hard in a new way because as soon as we’ve hit a rhythm, he grows a new arm or a leg or all of a sudden starts puking small amounts of food all over all my clothes. And we have to roll with the punches. And they just keep coming.

Despite how hard it is — how hard it’s been — I’ve spent a lot (A LOT) of time staring at Quinn with little hearts in place of the pupils in my eyes. “Oh you darling, boy… oh how cute it is when you puke… how adorable you suckle… how hilariously you throw Mama’s phone on the floor!”

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The Wheels on the Bus Extender Pack

We recently returned from our first vacation with the baby. The baby unlocked all sorts of badges like Baby’s First Camping Trip, Baby’s First Foot in the Ocean, Baby’s First Foot in the River and Baby’s First Road Trip.

We also got to unlock a couple exciting badges such as 100 Times Singing that Monkey on the Bed Song and Longest Ever Rendition of the Wheels on the Bus.

Knowing that I can’t be the first parent with a little one who hollers unless you keep singing, I thought I’d share our extended version of the Wheels on the Bus song.

Start with the tried and true…

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The Many Changes of Parenthood: In Graphs

Whoever said…

The more things change the more they stay the same.

…has definitely NEVER had a baby. Quinn turns six months old tomorrow. I can’t believe how little time has passed; it feels like an eternity. There have been some marked changes in my life since he joined us. I felt like these would be best represented in graphs:

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