Last week I was randomly fortunate enough to team up with The Gina Gold Show for actor interviews.

(Oh what?? Did you forget that my dream is to someday be a talk show host??)

Here are the finished results, posted far sooner than I would have imagined or am quite comfortable with.

I recommend taking a drink every time there’s an awkward pause. Word of warning: don’t do this at work.

Embedded in the order they were filmed…

Jennifer Heller interviews Dan Tannehill

More interviews after the jump!

Cats vs Crustacean

At a crab feed this past Friday, my aunt and I pocketed some extra crab to take home to Shawn and the Guster. I was a little concerned about them getting the meat out of the legs. Do cats eat crab in the wild? I bet they’re pretty hard to catch. I know Gus would […]

Thumbnail image for The Tragedy of Sad Sack

The Tragedy of Sad Sack

2010 held some tough lessons for me. One of the toughest was getting involved with a dishonest business man who my boyfriend and I now refer to as “Sad Sack”. The name “Sad Sack” comes from a cartoon from a magazine that catered to US WWII troops. His character just couldn’t do anything right. His […]

Is my cat weird?

Whenever the Guster is hungry he makes sure I know he’s serious. That’s why I made that brain map of how he thinks the other day. I’m not sure that got across how really and truly strange his behavior turns.  Seriously, I think he would bite my face off if I weren’t marginally stronger than […]

Thumbnail image for I looove my Lorac Sparkle Eye Pencil!

I looove my Lorac Sparkle Eye Pencil!

I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic Thanksgiving for Orphans party my friend Madeleine threw a couple weeks ago, and I met some awesome ladies who wanted to know about my eyeliner. What better way to tell you about it than in a video? When you’re ready, get your LORAC Sparkle Pencil Eye Shadow/Liner […]

Thumbnail image for Thanksgiving is RUINED

Thanksgiving is RUINED

Our dinner this year was not ruined by family strife or turkeys that caught fire as so many might have been. No, ours was ruined when Mom overcooked the brussel sprouts. We just had to film the ensuing drama.

Thumbnail image for Hanging with the Gus Man

Hanging with the Gus Man

Yesterday, Will and I conceived of a silly youtube series.  The idea was accompanied with a bee in our bonnets, so here, a mere twenty-four hours later, is the premiere of our new web show Hanging with the Gus Man. Hope you like it!

Thumbnail image for My Theme Song

My Theme Song

I realized last week what my dream is. I’ve been planning all these crazy videos for so long, and pumping so much time and energy into my blog… but I didn’t understand how it all comes together to make me happy. Honestly, sometimes it just feels like a bunch of work. But this past week […]

Thumbnail image for Playful Penguin Race Product Review

Playful Penguin Race Product Review

I want to love this toy. Penguins! A race! So much fun. Or is it? I just had to review the children’s toy, Penguin Race.

Stuff I Love

  • Green Forest 100% Recycled TP

    The highest post-consumer content of any recycled toilet paper! Also, it’s soft & absorbent.

    I'm ready to wipe green! →
  • Pretty in Pink

    Great John Hughes movie, great 80s soundtrack

    Buy the movie or album! →
  • OXO Shower Caddy

    So great I just had to make a video about it.

    Buy Now → Learn Why I LOVE IT!
  • Mortified by David Nadelberg

    Real Words. Real People. Real Pathetic.

    That will make my day →
  • Duncan's Creek

    The teen romantic drama that gave us Katie Holmes! Includes a creek.

    Creek out! →
  • Concrete Blonde

    So angsty and yet so relevant. Sing your heart out in the shower… I try to do it every day.

    Yes please →
  • Roxy Music

    Have you heard them? They’re good!

    Let's do this! →
  • Mad Men

    The adventures of Don Draper, with the 1960s as backdrop

    Get mad →
  • David Bowie

    From psychedelia to guitar rock to blue-eyed soul, Bowie’s got it all!

    Get some cool tunes! →
  • Cat Carrier

    This is necessary whenever it comes to moving the Guster around town. He proceeds to soil it.

    I must have it →
  • Dreamhost Web Hosting

    Worker owned cooperative…and they’re green.

    Register A Domain Name! →
  • Recycled Toilet Paper

    Why would anyone need to wipe their ass with freshly-cut trees? Jen tip: Order a lot and don’t worry for awhile.

    Yes please! →
  • Saved by the Bell

    Zack, Jessie, and Screech teach us what to expect from high school!

    Get Saved! →
  • John Hughes Movies

    Masterpieces of teenage comedy! We’ll pretend the Home Alone sequels didn’t happen.

    Me want this! →
  • Six Feet Under

    The dramatic goings-on of a family in a funeral home  

    Take me under! →
  • Willie Nelson

    Timeless songs and performances from the Red-Headed Stranger!

    Get some Willie! →
  • Roku

    Get rid of the cable company and watch TV over the internet!

    Obtain this item! →
  • Husqvarna Chainsaws

    Husqvarna sets the standard for world-class chainsaw mayhem!

    Let 'er rip! →
  • My So-Called Life

    The tortured life of Angela Chase. Be still my heart.

    I want to go to there. →
  • Green Tree Recycled TP

    With 96 (!) rolls, these are a great value. And they come in a big box you could potentially use as a fort later!

    That hits the spot! →

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