Jen’s Zens: Jen on Business

by Lil Sis Al on October 24, 2016

“Having an unhappy customer is a good thing… that means someone bought something.”

– the ever-wise Jen

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My Impossible Dream of Maternity Leave

I have never felt more alone than I have since I got pregnant. I’m not alone. I know that. I have a loving family and great friends. But I don’t have anyone that truly understands what I’ve been going through. My company is small — I have just one employee and three or four contractors. […]

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The Top Ten Worst Symptoms of Pregnancy

It turns out that we’re having a baby. I see a lot of happy announcements and sonograms in my feed, but not a lot of honest reporting of what pregnancy turns out to really be like. Maybe this is all part of a giant conspiracy — why would anyone move forward with getting pregnant if […]

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Six Years of Self-Employment

Today is the sixth anniversary of the day I left my full-time job. I was 27. I had decided to leave my job one month earlier. I was then acting Development Director — the highest position in the fundraising and marketing branch of my small non-profit. I had worked there off and on since I […]

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Life Lesson: Give Up the “Shoulds”

I’ve been in therapy for two years and some change. I went to therapy because I was sick of giving myself grief — grief over not being successful enough, not blogging enough, not exercising enough. The list went on and on. I am, and always have been a perfectionist, you see. A favorite bit of […]

Jen’s Zens: Jen on trusting intuition

“You are the only one who knows when beer o’clock is.” – Jen Heller

Jen’s Zens: Jen on Living in the Now

“If you died tomorrow, wouldn’t you want to have a good beer today?” – the ever wise Jen

Jen’s Zens: Jen Speaks on Universal Suffering

“No one likes being broken up with.”

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Two Thoughts on Downton Abbey’s Season Three Premiere

1. “Have you swallowed a dictionary??” I laughed out loud. And then again. I paused the show, and said to Will…”Isn’t that hilarious??” He didn’t think it was so funny. He knew the truth:┬áMrs. Patmore was using a phrase commonly used in Victorian England around the turn of the century. “Swallowing a ‘dic’”, or “swallowing […]

Stuff I Love

  • Cat Carrier

    This is necessary whenever it comes to moving the Guster around town. He proceeds to soil it.

    I must have it →
  • Seventh Generation Recycled Toilet Paper

    What it lacks in softness, it makes up for in friendliness to the earth!  

    Ooh, yeah! →
  • Green Heritage Toilet Paper

    One of the softer eco-friendly options available. Buy bulk and have toilet paper forever!

    Yes, please... →
  • John Hughes Movies

    Masterpieces of teenage comedy! We’ll pretend the Home Alone sequels didn’t happen.

    Me want this! →
  • Pretty in Pink

    Great John Hughes movie, great 80s soundtrack

    Buy the movie or album! →
  • 30 Rock

    The wacky antics of Liz Lemon and her crew

    Get rocked now! →
  • Six Feet Under

    The dramatic goings-on of a family in a funeral home  

    Take me under! →
  • Tom Waits

    Sweet nothings and gruff ballads I could listen to all day. Not to mention that sex appeal. ┬áMee–ow.

    Buy Now →
  • Willie Nelson

    Timeless songs and performances from the Red-Headed Stranger!

    Get some Willie! →
  • Kick-Ass Websites & Blogs

    We make those over at Artsy Geek. It’s our specialty.

    Go on.... →
  • Recycled Toilet Paper

    Why would anyone need to wipe their ass with freshly-cut trees? Jen tip: Order a lot and don’t worry for awhile.

    Yes please! →
  • David Bowie

    From psychedelia to guitar rock to blue-eyed soul, Bowie’s got it all!

    Get some cool tunes! →
  • Boomerang for Gmail

    The most amazing gmail plugin ever.

    Get it now! It's FREE! → Need convincing?
  • Roku

    Get rid of the cable company and watch TV over the internet!

    Obtain this item! →
  • Roxy Music

    Have you heard them? They’re good!

    Let's do this! →
  • Saved by the Bell

    Zack, Jessie, and Screech teach us what to expect from high school!

    Get Saved! →
  • Marcal Recycled Toilet Paper

    It comes in a nifty roll-out box and is very durable. You could put this right next to the toilet!

    I want to go to there →
  • Mortified by David Nadelberg

    Real Words. Real People. Real Pathetic.

    That will make my day →
  • Dreamhost Web Hosting

    Worker owned cooperative…and they’re green.

    Register A Domain Name! →
  • The Wire

    The show everyone talks about. Haven’t seen it? Don’t you want to talk about it?!

    Wire me up! →

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