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Hi, I’m Jen

I’m honest.

I was once a traveling salesperson… peddling super sponges and other items at county fairs.  I looked into peoples’ eyes and unknowingly… and sometimes knowingly… lied.

The products I sold claimed to do things that they didn’t. And I didn’t know.

Now, I stand by my word.  If I say something rocks, it does.

I share the truth of the story at each juncture… That’s me.

Here at Jennifer Heller Megalomaniac, we share funny and interesting stories and the products we love, that make our world awesome.

That’s what life’s about.  Hilarity and awesomeness. And maybe booze, if you roll that way.

Here’s a weird Story:

At age ten, my parents brought home healing magnets.

Healing MAGNETS.

The healing magnets my parents brought home looked nothing like this.

Our instructions were to place them against our bodies whenever we have a pain or other ailment. They would work their magic and we would be better.

There was a catch, though.

Only one side of the magnet was healing. The other side was… not healing.  Harmful, in fact.

So there we were.

Two little girls trying to remember which side of the magnets were healing.

We survived.

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