Worst Day Yet in the 8th Grade

“My heart fell to the sweaty gym floor, and shattered in to thousands of tiny fragments.”

by Jen the Megalomaniac on November 7, 2012

Wed 9-21-94

Today could very well be my worst day yet in the eighth grade. I was basically depressed all day. But P.E. really did it. I was pretty depressed when I got to P.E. Right off, I noticed that Emily C. was dancing with Dave for the second time in a row. Well that didn’t bother me that much. I don’t like Dave anymore, right? Yeah, sure.

Well I asked some guy to be my partner. Well, we asked each other. He looked familiar; I knew he was in my grade. Well, he turned out to be a great dancer. I consider myself to be a pretty good dancer, but I was really nervous dancing with him. I really wanted to ask him to be my partner for the dance contest, or at least I wanted someone good like him for my partner, but I didn’t ask. He was very good and I don’t know how good I am so I didn’t ask. Well, the P.E. teachers had the people entering the dance contest on one side of the gym and the rest on the other.

Well, I glanced over and noticed Dave and Emily on the side with the people entering. That pounded another stake in my heart. A while later, Jenny L., runs over to my partner and asked him to be her friend’s partner in the contest. I know it didn’t matter but when he just upped and left like that my heart fell to the sweaty gym floor, and shattered in to thousands of tiny fragments. I don’t know why it hurts so. I guess it was, or I’m judging it as just another rejection to add to my list. I know it doesn’t matter, but it hurts, it really does. Badly. I hoped he’d come up after class and apologize or something but he didn’t. And I guess in my heart I knew he wouldn’t. I mean to him, I’m just another dance partner. He’s had quite a few. I’m just another face in the crowd. Nobody special.

Rejectedly Yours

Rejectedly yours,

Jennifer Heller

P.S.: I’m so depressed and hurt

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20 years and some change... Jen has a fiance who goes to ballroom dance classes with her! 

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

Hmmm who was the guy? This just reminded me that I think Danny Wilson was my dance partner like every year from 5th grade on.

Becca Hunter
Becca Hunter

the puppy paws after that p.s. are heartbreaking.

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