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Playing the tuba was cool!

by Jen the Megalomaniac on October 23, 2012

You will not believe what’s been going on! Natalie walked in the door after school and recieved a phone call from Jordan, dumping her. Yeah right! Then later Em got a phone call from Joe P. who told her that Doug wanted to kiss her.

Well, M called me after Joe called her and told me as she was telling me, she realized that Joe P. sounded like Jeremy L. So we think we know who did it! I just can’t believe that he has such a non-existant life that he has to screw M’s, Doug’s, Nat & Jordan’s!

Playing the tuba was cool!


Jennifer Heller

Speak up peeps.

Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy

Jennifer and Ana, my passport's current. Just sayin'...

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

I think that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea, Jen! And Emily, my memory of middle school (and to a lesser extent, high school) is similar. All I remember are the emotions, very little of the particulars, and they weren't particularly pleasant ones at that. But I do find entertainment value in it, cause all the stuff seems so silly, and I've got enough distance now that I can just look back and laugh at the absurdity of it. Plus all of it seems kinda new to me even though I know I lived through it, but I don't remember so much of this stuff!

Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy

When I've peeked in at the blog, it's less entertaining and more... morbidly fascinating. I have few fond memories of that time. K-12 were miserable years on the whole, but grades 6-9 were particularly wretched. The prospect of revisiting those years is disturbing... but then the actual experience is a strange kind of relief because I can't remember half of what went on or who was involved, and it all seems so far away (thank christ).

Jennifer Heller
Jennifer Heller

ABSOLUTELY. What else do we have going on? I say we all convene in Australia for a weekend long who did what. Attendance mandatory.

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

Oh, the insane part of me loves trying to solve a trivial, 18-year-old mystery!

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

I actually don't have him on FB and haven't spoken to him in years, but this just prompted me to search for him and send a friend request!

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

Loughnot. I remembered as much (as he was one of my best friends in high school), but I squinted at the pic of the diary entry to make it out to be sure. ;)

Jennifer Heller
Jennifer Heller

So, to be honest, I sucker my bf and/or our intern into typing these, so each time I post one I'm awfully surprised by the content. I definitely don't remember this, though I do remember that we had a number of mysteries throughout these pubescent years. The specifics, and even who Jeremy L was, escape me. What was Jeremy L's last name? Lougnot? Am I making that up? Let's find him on FB and see if he remembers any of this.

Ana Lucas
Ana Lucas

Ok, I can kinda imagine Jeremy doing something like that. But really, how could anyone mix up his voice with someone else's? He and I weren't friends until high school though, so I definitely didn't put him up to it. Honestly I'm paranoid enough (and have such a poor memory) that your last entry with suspicion of me made me go "Wait, DID I do that? I don't remember doing so, but is it something I would ever do?" I'm like Emily - I don't actually remember any of the stuff you wrote about. That's what's so entertaining, to get filled in on the details of my adolescence.

Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy

I'm floored at how little memory I have of any of this. On the whole I remember snapshots of feelings and experiences, but I have no memory of this soap opera of phone calls and mistaken identities and who-wants-to-kiss-whom. I don't have the slightest idea who Joe P and Jeremy L were, either. What's your experience as you write this? Does it all come flooding back? Or do you view it with detachment like a scholar translating an ancient text in a dead language?

Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy

Did we ever find out who was behind all these mystery phone calls?

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