The Diary Project - August 11 1994

I miss Dave. But I’ll get to see him at Natalie’s party on Mon. It’s a pool party, and I’m making a swim suit just for it!

by Jen the Megalomaniac on October 1, 2012

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I was gone for a few days at Tahoe. And there hasn’t been much going on.

On Sunday night, I had a dream:

Em, me, Jordan and another guy were at skating one day. As we were leaving, the guy asked me out. He was a shorter, fatter Jordan. I swear, he looked like Jordan. I accepted, and somehow, decided that his name was Jason. I wanted to call him a few days later, but I didn’t have his phone number, and he didn’t have mine. So I called around and asked for his number. When I got to Em, she said that his name was Brent or something, and no one knew his number. So I didn’t know his name, or have his number.

Then school started and it became major chaos. Jason/Brent kinda disappeared and the dream continued but I don’t remember what happened.

I miss Dave. But I’ll get to see him at Natalie’s party on Mon. It’s a pool party, and I’m making a swim suit just for it! We hope all six of us will be there, and if all of us are, it’ll be the first event where everyone’s there. I hope everyone can make it. I hope Dave can make it.

More later or rather, tomorrow!

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