The Diary Project September 5, 1994

(Jennifer G.H. Heller, prospective serial killer if nothing changes in her <3 life)

by Jen the Megalomaniac on October 8, 2012

Howdy Dudey! Natalie’s pool party is tomorrow. Emily is over. DAVE IS IN MY P.E. CLASS!!! I know that there’s really nothing wrong with that. Hey, if he doesn’t know anyone in the class and neither do I, we could hang out together all year.

The magic eight ball said that Dave likse Natalie and that Natalie likes Dave. The magic eight ball also just informed me that I’ll go out with Dave. I hope so! Wait, it changed it’s mind. Oh well. I don’t believe it anyway.

Everyone is coming tomorrow. I’m glad.

But, after tomorrow, comes THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I went to Target today and I got two hella cute vests! I really hope this year is the best yet.

All weekend I worked on rearranging my room. It is really clean and the new way the furniture is positioned is so cool. The floor is spotless, except 4 Emily who is taking up a lot of it. That was pointless, huh? Erika is back and we have 0, zero classes together. Oh well.

I finished my black + white swimsuit a few days ago, and I’m wearing it tomorrow.

Wish me luck 4 tomorrow,
Jennifer Heller

(Jennifer G.H. Heller, prospective serial killer if nothing changes in her <3 life)

Oh yes, she went there!

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  • Recycled Toilet Paper

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  • Six Feet Under

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  • Kick-Ass Websites & Blogs

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  • 30 Rock

    The wacky antics of Liz Lemon and her crew

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  • My So-Called Life

    The tortured life of Angela Chase. Be still my heart.

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  • Mortified by David Nadelberg

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  • Husqvarna Chainsaws

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  • The Babysitters Club

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  • The Wire

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