Post image for I just hope he forgets about her. Or when he sees me again, he falls desperately in love with me.

I just hope he forgets about her. Or when he sees me again, he falls desperately in love with me.

by Jen the Megalomaniac on September 14, 2012

Hi! I know I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been so tired! The plays on Wed. went great! It is really spiffy to be out of summer school. Last night, I went and babysat for Tess, who’s 2. It was fun, I hope they call me again! I can really use the $!

Earlier, Natalie called. We chatted for awhile. Dave just got back from camp today. On Thurs., Natalie came over. We tried to get ahold of everyone, to plan ice-skating. We want everyone to go on Mom. or Tues. Anyway, when Nat called Dave, she left a message with his mom to have him call her when he came back. That’s how we found out he was at camp. So is Jordan.

Anyway Dave had returned Nat’s call before she called me. He told Nat that he had met a girl at camp and he likes her. She lives far away, but they’re going to write. Well, it could be worse. They could be going out or some junk. I’m not that upset. He’s free to like whoever he wants. This just decreases my already low chance with him. I just hope he forgets about her. Or when he sees me again, he falls desperately in love with me. That would be very cool. Not like it would happen any time soon or anything.

My birthday is this Wednesday. I haven’t planned anything for it yet. For some reason, I’m not totally excited about it this year. Up till now, I’ve planned my parties 2 months in advance. I haven’t even given it much thought. Natalie’s going to tell the guys about it. Just so that they have a reason to come. Like if they won’t come for fun, they should come ’cause of my b-day.

I can’t believe 2/3s of the summer has passed. It seems like we just got out of school. But in a little more than a month, It’ll be the first day of eighth grade. And in a year, I’m going to be going into high school. I don’t feel old enough to be almost going into high school. I guess a lot of growth takes place this year. Then again, I don’t feel old enough to be going into the eighth grade.

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Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

Jennifer Heller
Jennifer Heller

And with that we are only six weeks behind!! WOOT WOOT! Man did 12-year-old me write a lot.

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